Renowned artist Elda Laro, a versatile talent in conducting, piano, and chamber music, began her prodigious journey as a child prodigy in Scutari, Albania. With an early performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no.1 at 11, Elda emerged as one of Albania’s most promising musicians.

Recipient of an overseas scholarship, Elda studied under renowned pianist Remo Remoli in Turin, Italy. Currently, she serves as a coach, pianist, and staff conductor at Deutsche Oper, Berlin, collaborating with world-class musicians.

Elda’s diverse experiences include conducting at Teatro Massimo Bellini, debuting operas, and directing from the harpsichord. Fluent in five languages and equipped with extensive training, her contributions extend to solo performances, acclaimed recordings, and collaborations with distinguished artists.

Elda Laro’s upcoming engagements include live-streamed concerts, a return to the Opera Theater of Tirana, and performances at the Festival “Mik” in Korça. Her commitment to sharing expertise is reflected in regular masterclasses.

In brief, Elda Laro’s prodigious talent, early achievements, and ongoing contributions make her a distinguished figure in the classical music landscape.