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Sislej Xhafa (born 1970 in Peja, Kosovo) is an Kosovar contemporary artist, based in New York. In a Hatje Cantz Verlag monograph about the artist, art critic Guido Molinari writes “The condition of relentless traveler, throughout the West and beyond, allows Sislej Xhafa to keep in constant touch with current social, economic and aesthetic shifts and pour these back into his own works. The relationship between him and these international mutations is void of any rhetoric or politically correct solutions. It takes shape, rather, through the development of complex, but mainly light, conceptual strategies. Approaching humor at times, by means of a clear-cut point of view reversal or unexpected elaboration on a simple stereotype, the work offers an insight into the core of social unease without triggering rejection mechanisms. Xhafa’s aim, indeed, is to give our minds tiny rushes of energy, without the deadlock of excess shock value.” He is represented by Galleria Continua, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin.