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Distinguished composer, musicologist, and ethno-musicologist of Albanian-national and international renown. His creative work and research appear in all genres and types of musical expression: vocal, instrumental, symphonic etc. Winner of some of the most important national and international musical prizes. Outstanding representative and promoter of musical developments in Albania and abroad during the last three decades, as the country shed its totalitarian past. For his musical creations, he has chosen to explore major themes related to the mythological concept of human justice (his opera, Eumenides, is based on motifs from Eschylus’ well-known play, as they are expressed in Ismail Kadare’s Albanian translation); to heroic European Renaissance characters (his opera, Gjergj Kastrioti – Skënderbeu kryezot, based on motifs from archbishop Fan S. Noli’s historiographic work, was awarded first prize in the pan-Albanian competition held on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Gjergj Kastrioti’s death). The musical language of his work revisits, with striking originality, the archaic European polyphony models (isopolyphony) included in UNESCO’s human cultural heritage list. He is especially known for the creative use of cluster iso, hidden polyphony, folk serialism, rigid polypentatonies, fractuses and kabas, prefabricated melodic cells and other musical techniques, which he has deployed in a series of works, from 1993 to today. A renowned musicologist and member of the Academy of Sciences of Albania since 2008, he holds a Doctor of Science degree in the field (1994) and the title of Professor in composition. He has authored over 20 research books and dozens of scientific articles published in Albanian and other languages, forging new paths in musicology and ethnomusicology. Professor of folk music in both undergraduate and graduate programs and advisor of a series of doctorate theses, he has also directed several national and international projects. For many years, he has led national and international institutions, such as the Music Council (member of IMC/UNESCO), ODEA, Academy of Arts and Heritage and been a board member of similar organizations. His life and work are included in: MGG-Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, the biographical encyclopedia in 17 volumes, Bärenreiter, Gjermani (2009); The Harvard Dictionary of Music (by Michael Randel, Harvard University Press Reference Library, November 2003); The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (second edition, by George Leotsakos, 2001, London Macmillan, 2001), “Albanian Encyclopaedic Dictionary” etc.