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Fadil Berisha is an Albanian-American photographer based in New York City. Fadil was born in Kosovo in 1960, and migrated to New York City at the age of nine where he would soon discover his passion for photography, fashion and beauty. Prior to his arrival in NYC, Fadil moved to Italy for a year in 1968 where he started to develop his passion for beauty and art. Fadil attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Men’s Fashion Design and Photography. Following college, Fadil met a photographer by the name of Donna DeMari, who would later change his life. She further helped Fadil realize his passion and love for beauty. After meeting and working with Donna, Fadil moved back to Italy and worked as a fashion stylist for a year – where he discovered his true eye for photography. After migrating back to New York City in 1982, Fadil began his successful career as a fashion and beauty photographer. Alongside his 35+ year profession as a photographer, Fadil has cultivated a career as a philanthropist, humanitarian, creative director and editor.